The Contest….we WON!

So last week, I entered a songwriting competition for Bordeaux Wines.  I had less than 1 day to complete it, so I wrote it and recorded it in my living room.  I thought it was not my best, written quickly and very simply recorded…just me and my guitar.

They called me and I won. WOW…they chose 5 songs from the U.S., and mine was one of them. I get some cash, and they will mix/master my song in NYC. Pretty pumped!

So we had to get it recorded, and sent in by today…What??? Fortunately, we had already booked Spitshine Studios, and my bass guy was going to be there anyway. I made poor Alexa learn the song in an evening and write her harmony part. She always comes through.

Anyway, recorded it and Russ from Spitshine Studios uploaded. Whew.

The song will be featured in marketing campaigns and national wine tours.  Good As Gone goes national! We’ll let you know how to get a copy or hear it as soon as know.  Thanks for your support!

Oh yeah, remind me to blog later about the gig we had Friday. Was ridiculous in many ways!

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